Technocom - An Overview

Here you get an insight into our services around video cabin shop.

Technocom knows its customers - finally we are market leader for many years.

We support you in every sector:

  • Mounting of video cabins
  • Supporting the management
  • Preparation of marketing concepts and promotions
  • Allocation of films

Our service level agreements relieve you from every-day operation routines. Our "carefree" service paves the way for higher sales.
To make you react early on changed markets, we keep an eye on new trends. Let us set new trends together.
You will see how seriously we follow this idea by switching to digital video and computer technology on time and by offering marketable products.

With TCDiVid - the future of digtial video cabins - we offer a fascinating product at interesting conditions.

More detailed information material about TCDiViD you will find here.

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