I already have booths. Can I retrofit those?
Yes. You only have to change some parts of your hardware. Every booth will be equipped with an own computer. A central system (2 servers) is used for storing the films and the database. DVD players are no longer required. The components needed for retrofitting depend on the actual equipment.

How many films can I offer my customers with TCDiVid?
TCDiVid offers nearly unlimited capacity. The number of films available only depends on the size of central storage. One server offers space for approximately 1500 to 3000 films.

What happens in case of a blackout or a network break-down?
All booths may still operate with the films stored locally without a connection to the central server. Once the central system can be reached, all booths continue synchronizing and updating statistics. Do not trust other statements!

What is required for TCDiVid?
Basically one central system. It consists of at least one server for the storage and one server for the database. To administrate the whole system only one standard computer is required. Every booth requires a special prepared computer. RIP stations are needed for preparing new films. These computers carry out the transformation and compression of original DVDs. After this step, new films can be copied to the central storage and added to the database.

Do I have to be a technician to add new films?
No. With TCDiVid, adding new films is a children's game. The whole process only takes a couple of steps.

Can the system be expanded when more booths shall be added or more films shall be shown?
Yes. TCDiVid can be expanded anytime. Both expanding the central storage and adding new booths is quite easy.

How can I optimize my film repertoire?
TCDiVid's statistics exactly shows the preferences – and of course dislikes – of your customers. The system precisely shows the "money spinners" und the "shelf warmers". Optimizing your film repertoire is no longer an act on a gut level.

How can I inform my customers about new films?
On the one hand, your customers will have a look at the showcase. On the other hand you are able to prepare hit lists out of TCDiVid which you can publish or hang out regularly. Hit lists can be grouped by categories.

What are the costs? Do I have to pay licenses regularly?
Cost for mounting new booths respectively retrofitting only applies once. There are no licenses you have to pay regularly.